Hertfordshire Mountaineering Club

Club Constitution

1. Name

1.1. Hertfordshire Mountaineering Club (HMC).

2. Purpose

2.1. To promote and encourage mountaineering in the interests of Club Members

2.2. The Club shall meet regularly at venues published in the meets list

3. Disclaimer

3.1. Mountaineering, hill walking, rock climbing and other related mountain activities are potentially dangerous. Club members participate voluntarily in these activities

3.2. Members agree to waive any claim for any injury that may befall them due to lack of reasonable care of the club or any of its members

4. Membership

4.1. Membership is open to all aged 18 or over providing that the Club Membership Application Form is fully completed by the Member on joining and is countersigned by the Secretary.

4.2. Full individual Membership subscription carries entitlement to a single voting right and BMC club insurance cover (whilst the club participates in this scheme).

4.3. Member’s spouse or children may share Club facilities that do not require entry by Membership Card. But there is neither voting right, nor insurance benefit.

4.4. Annual Membership subscription is due January 1st each year and lapses December 31st if not renewed.

4.5. Annual Subscription fees are set by the Committee to ensure the club remains a viable non-profit making organisation. The proposed new fees will be notified to all members one month before becoming effective, and will be shown on the membership form.

5. Management

5.1. The Club is managed by an elected Committee of six members, consisting of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and three Ordinary Members

5.2. Election to the three executive Committee positions (Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary) can only be from Members who are/ have served on the Committee.

5.3 The Committee may co-opt up to two additional club members per year and must notify the membership of any changes to the Committee, advising the reason when an additional club member is co-opted

5.4. A Committee member serves for a maximum of two years, but may stand again for re-election to any Committee position.

5.5. Constitutional changes may only be executed following majority vote at a general meeting. Such proposed changes to be advised in writing to Members 28 or more days in advance.

5.6. Election to the Committee and motion adoption is by majority vote following proposal and seconding by Club Members present at a General meeting.

5.7. Club financial year is January 1st to December 31st ,inclusive

5.8. AGM will be held within 90 days of the financial year end with 28 or more days prior written notice to Club Members. The same notice is required for an EGM.

5.9. At the AGM, the Treasurer will present a written account of the Club funds for the past financial year.

5.10. The AGM will require 10% of all fully paid up Club Members to constitute a Quorum.

5.11. An EGM will require 30% of all fully paid up Club Members to constitute a Quorum.

5.12. Club cheques require any two signatories from Chairperson/Secretary/Treasurer.

5.13 The position of Committee Member does not confer by right any special privileges over that of any other club member.

6. Expulsion of members

6.1. If at any time the Committee considers that the interests of the Club require it they must invite a member to resign from the Club, by a letter specifying the reasons for their request and offering the member an opportunity to provide an explanation either in writing or in person and the date before which the reply should be received.

6.2. If the member concerned requests a meeting to provide an explanation, the committee must arrange a meeting at a suitable time and place and within a reasonable period of time and must provide the member with not less than seven days written notice of it.

6.3. The Committee must consider the explanation provided by the member in good faith and have due regard to all available evidence and may confirm or vary their original decision.

6.4. If the Committee confirms their original decision and the member concerned does not resign the Committee must submit the question of his expulsion to a Special General Meeting to be convened for the purpose, whether or not the member requests such a meeting.

6.5. Not less than four weeks’ notice of the meeting must be given to all the members.

6.6. The Honorary Secretary must inform the member in question of the time and place of the meeting and the nature of the complaints against him in sufficient time to afford him a proper opportunity of offering his explanation.

6.7. At the meeting the member must be allowed to offer an explanation of his conduct verbally or in writing and if after that two-thirds of the members present vote for his expulsion he will immediately cease to be a member of the Club.

6.8. The voting at any such Special General Meeting must be by ballot if not less than five members present at that meeting so demand.

6.9. The Committee may exclude from the Club until the Special General Meeting is held any member whose resignation has been requested.

7. Effect of ceasing to be a member

7.1. On ceasing to be a member a person forfeits all right to and claim upon the Club and its property and funds.

7.2. A person who has been expelled from the Club shall not be entitled to participate in any subsequent activity of the Club nor to visit the Club’s premises.

Amendment history

Constitution amended at 2014 AGM, to be effective immediately.

Amended previous 5.3. The Committee may co-opt up to two Club Members a year. Added 5.13

Constitution amended at the 2012 AGM, to be effective 2012. BMC recommended amendment. Section 6 Expulsion of members and section 7 Effect of ceasing to be a member.

Constitution amended at the 2008 AGM, to be effective 2009 – clause 5.8 changed to make the AGM within 90 days of financial year end rather than 28 days, to allow time for accounts to be audited before meeting.

Constitution amended at the 2006 AGM, to be effective 2006 – clause 5.7 – Financial year changed to be January 1st – December 31st (changed from April 1st to March 31st).

Constitution amended at the 2004 AGM, to be effective 2004 – clause 4.3 changed to remove non-BMC membership, clause 4.5 changed to allow Subs to be set by the committee during the year, rather than at the AGM.