Hertfordshire Mountaineering Club


The current 2015 HMC club committee members are featured below – click on their pictures to find out more about them.

The Hertfordshire Mountaineering Club Committee consists of up to six people elected at the AGM for a period of up to two years. The three executive positions (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer) may only be held by those who have previously held other positions on the Committee. Up to two more members may also be elected onto the Committee if required to help the three executives administer the club.




Chairman – Chris Smith (re-elected AGM 2018)


The Chairman looks after the overall interests of the club and provide the general direction for the year ahead. They referee at the committee meetings and make interesting speeches at the Annual Dinner and other events. They are one of the (two required) signatories for club cheques.


Secretary – Vacant Position 


The Secretary is responsible for membership, dealings with the BMC, and recording the minutes at committee meetings, AGMs and EGMs.  If you are a prospective member then this is the person you want to get in touch with your queries. They are one of the (two required) signatories for club cheques. If you are interested in becoming the HMC Secretary please contact the Chairman.


Treasurer - David Williams
Treasurer – David Williams (re-elected 2018 AGM)


The Treasurer looks after the club finances. They are responsible for ensuring the club spends your money wisely, stays solvent, and that all incomes and expenses are recorded, banked and accounted for. They are one of the (two required) signatories for club cheques


Outdoor Meets - Rebecca Lucy-Smith
Outdoor Meets – Rebecca Lucy-Smith (re-elected 2017 AGM)

Outdoor Meets

The Outdoor Meets Committee member coordinates the outdoor meets programme for the year. They ensure we have a good variety of locations representing the different interests of our club members. They ensure each meet has a coordinator and that attendance and the monies paid are recorded accurately for the Treasurer.


Committee Representatives

Jane Eyre (elected AGM 2016)

David Ball (elected AGM 2016)