Hertfordshire Mountaineering Club


HMC Logo

If you have wondered at all where the HMC Logo came from, then we can reveal that it was drawn by Steve Johnson in the mid 70’s. Steve was a very talented artist, who worked for British Aerospace as an Analyst Programmer. He was also an excellent climber with the HMC in the mid 70’s, and prone to drawing cartoons in the most unlikely of places. Steve was also epileptic. Unfortunately this deteriorated into MS, and he eventually died in the late 80’s. However we do have the Logo to remind us of him.

The older members, who were around at the time, may also remember Steve picking the occasional fights with strangers, some much bigger than himself, and Steve coming off the worst. This behaviour was normally a precursor to one of his fits, which usually occurred a few days later.

Compared to Steve, the club members seem quite staid these days. We have not been banned from a pub for a few years now. Our thanks and memories go out to Steve for the Club Logo.