Hertfordshire Mountaineering Club

Member of the Year

The “Member of the the Year (MOTY)” is awarded on an annual basis, by the Chairman of the club. It is granted to the member, whom in the judgement of the Chairman, has made the greatest contribution in furthering the club interests, in the previous 12 months. It is usually presented at the annual dinner, and includes the handing over of a ‘special’ tankard. The tankard is engraved with the names of all winners. It is very much an honour to win this award and a bit of fun also.

Here is a list of all previous winners.

Year Member Reason Chairman
2019 Chris Smith For being the HMC chairmen for many years and dedication of his amazing cycling achievements. Chris Smith
2018 Adam Law For his amazing group meals that was delivered and amazing walking fitness. Chris Smith
2017 Dave Willaims For his dedication for being the HMC treasurer and for his walking and cycling endeavours. Chris Smith
2016 Jane Eyre For her dedication to the HMC, arranging meets, trips and social activities as well as planning group meals. Paul Hearn
2015 Stephen Deaville For his service as secretary on the committee and taking on the responsibility to promote the new website, and send out communications to all the members regularly. Paul Hearn
2014 Rebecca Lucy-Smith For help and support on the committee to arrange trips and club meets as well as supporting a regular climbing sessions at Westminster Lodge Paul Hearn
2013 Jon Moulding For his service as Treasurer on the committee keeping the club finances well recorded and monitoring the cash flow. Gary Bebb
2012 Barry McRobb For his services to the   promotion of climbing with his regular attendance both at the wall and on   climbing trips helping get new  members   climbing. Gary Bebb
2011 Paul Hearn For ‘volunteering’ to join the committee as the secretary Gary Bebb
2010 Paul Dormer For his long distance cycling Leigh Singleton
2009 Dave Hall For his long distance walking Pete Durkin
2008 Geoff Sharpe Pete Durkin
2007 Caroline Cook Geoff Deans
2006 Leigh Singleton For services to the club as indoor meets, skier, organising meets, etc. Geoff Deans
2005 Geoff Deans For services to the club as secretary, strong walker, leading meets, etc. Ann Peden
2004 Eddie Cornell For being popular with the ladies and organising good walks Bill Burt
2003 Ann Peden For organising outdoor meets Bill Burt
2002 Pete Durkin For being a good Treasurer Bill Burt
2001 Lyn Dodds For supporting lady climbers & the Pinnacle club Bill Burt
2000 Rupert Priestnall For services to the climbers Albert Sillwood
1999 Gary Bebb For being climbing rep, attending many meets &   organising the Morocco trip. Albert Sillwood
1998 not awarded Forgot to award it Michael Baldwin
1997 Albert Sillwood For services to the club & organising the HMC 40th Anniversary Michael Baldwin
1996 Phil Whitehurst For having an infectious enthusiasm for the mountains, including summiting in the Himalaya, and doing a subsequent talk Michael Baldwin
1995 Abbie Lawther For services to the club Michael Baldwin
1994 Ian Criddle For being an enthusiastic Secretary Dick Enstone
1993 George Rae For leading club members on many long walks Dick Enstone
1992 Baldwin & Enstone For giving a lot of entertainment to the club Mike Jones
1991 Dave Gibbon For organising Outdoor meets Mike Jones
1990 Joe Towe For entertaining members, a quick wit and hard walker Dave Nicholson
1989 Jason Mould For leading more good climbs Dave Nicholson
1988 Paul Chambers For being Paul Chambers Dave Nicholson
1987 not awarded reason unknown Dave Nicholson
1986 Duncan Wilson For being secretary & controlling Joe Towe Dave Nicholson
1985 Dave Nicholson For being chairman & keeping club going during the 80’s Dave Nicholson
1984 Simon Peck For leading some good   climbs & moving to the USA Dave Nicholson