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Having problem booking onto events?

September 17th, 2014 by



There have been a few emails from members lately where they have had difficulty booking onto events.  In each case the cause was the same, so I thought I’d share a bit of information to help others avoid these pitfalls. The cause was that they were not logged in.


You must be logged into the website. If you are not logged in then you cannot book on events and you cannot comment or see the comments of others. You can log in with your name or the email you provided to the club.  You can change your email in your profile but that another news item. If you’ve forgotten your name(!) or email please contact Stephen Deaville (Secretary) who will be able to let you know what we have recorded for you.

Once logged in you’ll see the logout link (circled in red in screen grab below) on the right hand side. If it says login then you are not logged in and cannot book. Click login to login!


Some changes to login

I think the confusion was because login by default took you to the backend of the website (if login was successful) where you can update your profile (email address, emergency contacts, phone number). A confusing place to be if you’re not there very often.  It also didn’t make it obvious if you’d entered the wrong username or password, and therefore were not logged in otherwise. I have changed the login process so that by default it will take you to the welcome page (if you are not an admin or committee member) of the website, which should make getting to the events page and booking easier after you’ve logged in.  If you get your password or username wrong it’ll also be very obvious you haven’t managed to login. If on your own computer; it is worth clicking remember me, so it keeps you logged in on that device (PC, Tablet, Phone etc.). If you do not click remember me then your login session will expire after approximatly 20 mins.

Forgotten Password

If you can’t remember you password, click on forgotten password link (on the login page) and you’ll get email with a link to reset your password. click on the link and you will be taken to a page to choose a new password. The link will only work once, so do not try and re-use it. Passwords are hashed and salted (encryption to the layman). We do not know your password and cannot provide it.

Happy booking