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Hertfordshire Mountaineering Club Latest News – September 2.1

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Calendar of Events for 2015

As we approach the end of the year, a team of dedicated mountaineers have been putting the finishing touches to the events for next year. Next year’s events are are being finalised and are due to be published – keep an eye on the club website.

Christmas/New Year 2015 – A Call for Volunteers!

During the survey earlier this year many HMC members expressed an interest in helping to organise a club Event. If you were one of those people who wanted to help the HMC Committee is  asking for a brave volunteer to step forward to help organise an event for the Xmas/New Year 2015 slot.

The volunteer will have a free range to suggest a suitable for the club calendar. If you can help are able to give a bit of time to organise an event for the HMC, please contact the Chairman.

Annual Dinner Weekend 20th – 22nd March 2015

Our annual dinner weekend will be held at the Herts Snowdon centre. For those of you new to the club, the Snowdon Centre is situated at the base of the wonderful Watkin path which climbs the flanks of Snowdon itself. Dinner on Saturday evening the 21st at the Caffi Gwynant a short walk from the Centre. If you are interested in attending the Annual Dinner please register your interest in this Event by emailing the Chairman.
Cafe website: http://www.cafesnowdon.co.uk/

Eddie’s Sunday Walk – 21 September – Kimpton

Our HMC member, Eddie Cornell is arranging another one of his famous Sunday walks. The meeting point will be The Bright Star at Peter’s Green, Kimpton Map ref 142192 at 10am.
We will be walking via the Lea Valley Walk, Someries Castle and the Chiltern Way. There will be a lunch stop on the way, not at a pub, but food is available at The Bright Star where we will finish,if you wish to wait, the walk is about 10 miles.


All the best

Steve Deaville

HMC Secretary