Hertfordshire Mountaineering Club

HMC – November 2.1 Update – Christmas Meal & More

Dear HMC Members

We have lots of good stuff coming up over the next few weeks including the culmination of 2014 with our annual Christmas trip.

HMC – Slide Show – 18 November – St Albans Cotswold 7:30pm

Come and join us at our annual slide show and see some of the varied trips and activities club members have undertaken in the last year. If you would like to contribute some images to the slide show and talk about your experiences please contact Paul Hearn. thechairman@thehmc.co.uk

Held at the St. Albans branch of Cotswold Outdoors where you can use your 15% discount by showing your membership card. Show starts at 7.30pm. Optional beverages in nearby pub afterwards.

Chris’s Sunday Walk – 30 November – 10am – Rose & Crown – Essendon

Chris Frost is running another of his spendid Sunday walks, this time from Essendon. Starting at 10 am from the Rose and Crown Pub in Essendon (TL275085), its a 10 mile circular walk. Bring packed lunch, but we will have a drink at one of the pubs on route and/or at the Rose and Crown at the end of the walk. Book your place to let Chris know you’ll be attending.

Details can be seen at: http://www.walkingbritain.co.uk/walks/walks/walk a/1024/

HMC Pub Social – 25 November – The Three Horseshoes – Smallford

Its our regular monthly get together at the Three Horseshoes for a good ol’ chin wag. Come and join for a catch up and a drink and see what other members are getting up to.

Christmas Dinner Weekend – Eyam YHA – 12 December to 14 December

For our annual Christmas meal in December, the HMC have booked a weekend at the historic, medieval inspired YHA in the village of Eyam. This captivating Victorian folly resembles a tiny turreted castle perched on the hillside overlooking historic Eyam.

Eyam Youth Hostel

Eyam itself is famous for being the village of self sacrifice during the ‘Plague’ which decimated England in the mid 1600s which it quarantined itself from neighbouring villages and selflessly stopped the disease spreading to other communities.

On Saturday night, the YHA will be hosting a four course Christmas meal with cheese which is all included in the price of the trip. Please see the menu below for meal options.

For 2014 Christmas Meal - YHA Eyam

For 2014 Christmas Meal – YHA Eyam

The YHA would like us to confirm the meal options by the end of November if possible. If you are booked onto the event please could you email the event organiser with your preferred options or post a message on the event message board.

 If you are not yet booked and wish to attend please ensure that you book your place quickly to avoid dissapointment at this popular annual event. 

The accommodation is a fully licensed hostel. There is plenty to do in including climbing, walking & biking in the area. The Price includes 2 nights accommodation, 2 breakfasts and Saturday nights Xmas Dinner- which is always a jolly affair not to be missed so book now to guarantee your place!


 If you have any questions feel free to email us at thecommittee@thehmc.co.uk

All the best

Steve Deaville

HMC Secretary

Having problem booking onto events?


There have been a few emails from members lately where they have had difficulty booking onto events.  In each case the cause was the same, so I thought I’d share a bit of information to help others avoid these pitfalls. The cause was that they were not logged in.


You must be logged into the website. If you are not logged in then you cannot book on events and you cannot comment or see the comments of others. You can log in with your name or the email you provided to the club.  You can change your email in your profile but that another news item. If you’ve forgotten your name(!) or email please contact Stephen Deaville (Secretary) who will be able to let you know what we have recorded for you.

Once logged in you’ll see the logout link (circled in red in screen grab below) on the right hand side. If it says login then you are not logged in and cannot book. Click login to login!


Some changes to login

I think the confusion was because login by default took you to the backend of the website (if login was successful) where you can update your profile (email address, emergency contacts, phone number). A confusing place to be if you’re not there very often.  It also didn’t make it obvious if you’d entered the wrong username or password, and therefore were not logged in otherwise. I have changed the login process so that by default it will take you to the welcome page (if you are not an admin or committee member) of the website, which should make getting to the events page and booking easier after you’ve logged in.  If you get your password or username wrong it’ll also be very obvious you haven’t managed to login. If on your own computer; it is worth clicking remember me, so it keeps you logged in on that device (PC, Tablet, Phone etc.). If you do not click remember me then your login session will expire after approximatly 20 mins.

Forgotten Password

If you can’t remember you password, click on forgotten password link (on the login page) and you’ll get email with a link to reset your password. click on the link and you will be taken to a page to choose a new password. The link will only work once, so do not try and re-use it. Passwords are hashed and salted (encryption to the layman). We do not know your password and cannot provide it.

Happy booking


Improvements to the events pages


The most popular requests that I’ve seen seem to be “Can I filter the repeating climbing events from the upcoming events page, as I can’t see the events I want to book onto?”.  Up until now the answer had been no, because of the way the events were setup.  However I have made some changes and there are now 2 pages for events.

Upcoming Events

This page now excludes all the weekly indoor climbing repeating events, so you can quickly find the events you want to book onto.

Indoor Climbing

This page now shows you all the upcoming weekly repeating indoor climbing events, so you can quickly find out when we are next visiting the climbing walls.

I hope this change makes sense to everyone and allows you to more quickly get to the events you are interested in.


Book onto Events

With all the repeating weekly events it can sometimes be hard to find the club event you want to book onto. Now previous advice has been to use the search facility to find the event you want. Great as the search functionality is; I wondered if I could make it a bit easier for you and I to book.

I’ve just made it easier to find a club event and book onto it. There is now a new menu item under Events called “Book onto Events” !


This will take you to a page that only shows you events that you can book onto. Note it does not show all events, you will still need to go to upcoming events to see those.

Hope this helps make things easier and quicker for all.


Booking guests on a meet event

I noticed today that a club member commented they couldn’t book a guest on an event.

How to book a guest on a meet

It is possible when you place your booking to include a space for a guest. This is limited to one guest as primarily spaces are for club members. To do this you need to visit the actual event page. (Booking via book now on the events page is quick but only books you a single space.).

Where it says spaces on the event page, you can change default of 1 spaces to 2 spaces via the dropdown. Include details of your guest in the comments box. Only the committee will see what you put in the comment box.

Guest booking

This is a private comment for your booking, and not a comment for other club members to see. Once you have paid (2 x £90 or £180 in this example) and been confirmed; 2 spaces will have been reserved for you and your guest.

On the event page only you will show as an attendee, but don’t worry you’ll have 2 spaces reserved once you’ve paid. Your confirmation emails should also show that you have 2 spaces.